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The “Standarte” shipbuilding company is situated on to the shore of Moscow Canal in Moscow Region. Currently, the company employs 22 people. Among them experienced marine engineers in charge of ship design; mechanical engineers who draft, implement and calibrate ship systems (including the main propulsion systems). 

We build and refurbish ships in the 20 to 70 meter range, according to such standards as: Russian River Registry, Sea Ship Registry, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

Our company is recognized by the Russian River Registry and is fully equipped with computer hardware/software tools from Russian and foreign suppliers.

The “Standarte” shipbuilding company supplies and installs state of the art ship equipment.

Modern production techniques and strict quality controls make “Standarte” a reliable supplier and a potential partner on the local and international markets


34A, Sportivnaya Street, Himki, Starbeyevo Quarter - 141401 - Moscow - Russian Federation


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Dometic holding AB
Marine air systems

Selma Technologies
Side power

Tecma S.r.l
Victron Energy B.V