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Sainte-Maxime harbour

Sainte-Maxime marina is in the Northern part of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, in front of the famous touristic place of the same name, which is 15 minutes away by boat. This marina is an opportunity for amateur yachtsmen to make a lovely call at the foot of the picturesque town of Sainte-Maxime, in the heart of the Var department. Many activities and businesses are accessible, as this harbour is located near the town centre.

Sainte-Maxime harbour has a capacity of 800 berths which are available all year round for boats measuring from 5 to 25 metres. This harbour is part private and part public, and 60 of its berths are reserved to passing through amateur yachtsmen. Boats can moor at main and secondary chains, at anchor gears and with fore and aft mooring. This is a well-downwind harbour, that can be easily accessed, except when the Mistral blows. In this case, be careful while sailing.

Many services are offered in order to nicely welcome amateur yachtsmen. Among them: fresh water, electricity, bathrooms, telephone, Wi-Fi, a dry dock, a refuelling station, a 10 metric tons crane, waste-oil sumps, and a waste-water container. The harbour parking has 350 parking spaces, is open 24 hours a day, and enjoys video surveillance.

Sainte-Maxime is a small, dynamic and modern harbour which always tries to improve the services and the quality of its environment. The technical area is in accordance the environmental standards, and selective sorting was implemented. This city is involved in a Clean Ports initiative, AFAQ AFNOR certified.

  • Môle Léon Condroyer 83120 Sainte Maxime France

  • VHF 9
  • saison: 8h-20h hors saison 8h30-12h30, 14h-18h, dim. 9h30-12h30

  • 800
  • 25 m
  • NC

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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