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Saint-Tropez harbour

Saint-Tropez harbour is a lovely and attractive marina, located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. This marina is composed of 2 bassins with a 10 ha area, and appeals to many amateur yachtsmen with its mild Mediterranean climate, and with the quality of its reception and services.

Saint-Tropez harbour has 800 berths, 100 of which are meant for passing through amateur yachtsmen. Boats can moor at anchor gears in the Lescudier basin, and anchor in the Old Harbour. The pier depth is 4 metres, 5 metres in the outer harbour, and 4.5 metres in the Old Port. This marina is ideally situated to visit the beautiful region of PACA and call in at surrounding harbours such as Sainte-Maxime harbour and Port Fréjus.

Saint-Tropez makes quality services available to amateur yachtsmen, some of them are access to fresh water and to electricity at dock (230-380 V/250 A) and at pontoons (220 V/32 A), television, a Wi-Fi connection, bathrooms, and a launderette. This harbour also provides more specific services, such as a dry dock, a 10 metric ton crane, two hoists with a respective capacity of 10 and 15 metric tons, a micro recycling centre in the harbour master's office, a waste-water pumping system and a refuelling station.

The harbour parking is open 24 hours a day, and has 2,000 parking spaces. This services is particularly appreciated by residents and passing through visitors. This is a dynamic harbour area, with many businesses and chemist's, as the whole place is adapted to the restock of amateur yachtsmen. Saint-Tropez harbour is also interesting thanks to its sports activities, with a nautical club and a sailing school. 

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