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Saint-Florent harbour

Saint-Florent harbour is a little paradise nested on the West coast of Corsica, at the foot of the Corsica Cape, in one of the most outstanding places of the island. This marina and traditional fishing harbour is nicknamed Little Saint-Tropez due to the life quality provided. Amateur yachtsmen coming from all around the world are appealed by the charm of Saint-Florent harbour, with its nearby beaches, its gastronomy, and the Patrimonio vineyards.

This harbour has 850 berths, and 230 of them are reserved to passing through amateur yachtsmen. Boats can moor at chains and at anchor gears, at dock and at pontoon. The outer-harbour is 3 metre deep, and the basin 2.3 and 1.5 deep. With a maximum depth of 1 metre, the mouth of the Aliso river is laid out to welcome small-scale boats.

The quality of the services provided is equal to the harbour reputation. Amateur yachtsmen have access to fresh water, electricity both at dock (220-380 V/16-32-64 A) and at pontoon (220 V/16-32 A), a free Wi-Fi area, bathrooms in the harbour master's office, a launderette, a dry dock, a 50 metric ton travelift, and a 20 metric ton crane. Out of season, the refuelling station is only open on demand. A watching team ensures amateur yachtsmen's well-being and the safety of goods and people.

This harbour area has a sailing and diving centre, many nearby businesses, and multiple calls are possible at close harbours, such as Bastia harbour.

  • 20217 Saint-Florent France

  • VHF 9
  • saison 8h-21h, hors saison8h30-12h, 15h-17h

  • 750
  • 40 m
  • NC

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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