Port Vieux la Ciotat - La Ciotat

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Port Vieux la Ciotat

La Ciotat Old Harbour

La Ciotat Old Harbour enjoys an ideal location, nested in the centre of the town, and close to the other 3 harbours of the Ciotat basin: Capucins, Saint-Jean and  Nouveau Port. Pleasure boat reception and traditional fishing activities participate in the nice and convivial athmosphere of this harbour. A wide range of activities are at the disposal of amateur yachtsmen, among which water sports, boat trips in the beautiful rocky inlets of Cassis, the majestic cliffs of the Canaille Cape, and the Île Verte, with its lush vegetation.

La Ciotat Old Harbour is well-downwind, except in the event of strong winds from the East. This harbour has 700 berths at dock, 40 of which are reserved to visitors. They are meant for less than 18 metre long boats. This harbour has a large-scale infrastructure, and a large capacity. Boats can moor at anchor gears, at pontoons, and at docks. The depth is 9 metres in the outer-harbour, and 7 metres in the basin.

The harbour master's office, located at 46 quai F. Mitterrand, is open seven days a week, from May 1st to September 30th. During the other months of the year, office hours are variable, and the office is closed on Sundays. Any newcomer shall inform the harbour master's office of his arrival.

The services offered in this harbour include freshwater, at dock (220-380 V/15-60 A) and at pontoon (220 V/15 A) electricity, bathrooms (with 6 toilets and 4 showers), and a dry dock. Large parkings are aslo available at each end of La Ciotat Old Harbour.

  • 46, quai F. Mitterrand 13600 La Ciotat France

  • VHF 9
  • Saison 7h-12h, 14h-19h - Hors saison 8h-12h, 14h-18h

  • 700
  • NC
  • NC

Pendille : CATWAY

  • Yes

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