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Saint Pierre – Hyeres harbour

The lovely harbour of Saint-Pierre is located on the coast of the Var department, in front of the Îles d’Or and of the Giens peninsula, between Toulon and Saint-Tropez. This marina is sheltered from the winds by the Hyeres peninsula and the Île de Porquerolle, and appeals to worldwide amateur yachtsmen with its mild and Mediterranean climate. Due to the strong will of managing the harbour in a way that preserves the environment, Saint-Pierre harbour was awarded by the European Blue Flag eco-label for marinas.

Saint-Pierre harbour is a large-scale infrastructure which has a capacity of 1,432 berths at dock, 120 of which ar for passing through amateur yachtsmen. The maximal boat length must not exceed 37 m, and the width 8 m. This harbour is ideally located to call in at nearby harbours: Lavandou harbour, La Seyne-sur-mer harbour, etc.

This harbour gives access to water terminals, electricity at dock and at pontoon (220 V/16 A), Wi-Fi access, a launderette, and no less than 16 toilets and 18 showers to which you can access from the 2 harbour master's office with magnetic cards. A selective sorting container and a refuelling station open 24 hours a day in which credit cards are accepted are available. There are also more specific equipments, such as a 35 metric ton crane, a 50 metric ton hoist, an 8 metric ton crane jib, and a sump for waste oil, batteries, solvents, and any other polluting product. Amateur yachtsmen particularly appreciate the post office situated in the harbour mmaster's office, and 24 hours a day video surveillance.

This harbour area is a dynamic hub thanks to the many restaurants and businesses set up there, which are indispensable to enjoy yourself and get fresh supplies.

  • 116 Quai Gilles Barbanson 83400 Hyères France

  • VHF 9
  • saison 7h-20h, hors saison 8h-12h, 14h-17h30

  • 1432
  • 36 m
  • 3,00 m

Pendille : CATWAY

  • Yes

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