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Port Pierre Canto – Cannes

Pierre Canto ranks first among the European marinas. This  luxury marina located at the very end of the Croisette boulevard in Cannes is known for its festival, during which this marina welcomes the show-biz greatest stars, as well as the most pretigious and magnificent yachts. Outside this period, Pierre Canto is an appealing anchorage point for many amateur yachtsmen, who can call in there, and discover the coasts and islands surrounding the beautiful region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.  

Modern facilities were put in to welcome boats and amateur yachtsmen in complete safety. All the services are at your disposal, such as businesses for fresh supplies, a ship chandler, bathrooms, a dry dock, water and electricity access, Wi-Fi... Developments to the level demanded by amateur yachtsmen are planned, such as a new-and-ultra-modern harbour master's office to be unveiled in April 2014.

With its 600 fixed berths, 100 of which being dedicated to passing through visitors, Pierre Canto is a major European harbour. The basin is 7 metre long, which allows it to welcome the most beautiful yachts in the world. Two public shuttles and 3 VIP shuttles come and go several times a day between the Cannes Old Harbour and Port Pierre Canto.

Gourmet restaurants and trendy nightclubs mark out the harbour and its surroundings. This marina is a hot spot for calling in, in which the biggest international stars spend time during the annual festival. This harbour and its surroundings are also of huge interest to wander about or to go on a jaunt, either walking or sailing.

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