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Port West of Marseille

The Port West of Marseille, also commonly called POM in French, is located to the North-West of l'Estaque. It welcomes pleasure boats at dock as well as boats on rack in dry dock. This harbour management is focused on practical services, such as a technical welcome upon boats arrival, the safety of people and property, and the comfort services offered to amateur yachtsmen.

This harbour is well downwind by the Mistral cliff and by a 450 metre jetty, and can be accessed through a 200 metre channel with a 4.50 metre draught. The Port West of Marseille has 100 floating berths reserved to boats measuring from 10 to 30 metres. This area also include a closed park in dock with 500 parking spaces for 4 to 9 metre long boats. This harbour is available to amateur yachtsmen all year round.

This harbour area is a large-scale complex that stretches out over more than 2 hectares. An experimented team of professionals welcomes newcomers and takes care of boat handling. There is also technical equipment, such as a dry dock, repair and mechanical maintenance workshops, as well as three 6 to 12 metric ton forklifts. A round the clock surveillance camera and watchmen ensure amateur yachtsmen's safety and well-being.

The services offered in this harbour are freshwater, electricity, bathrooms (with 2 accesses for hanicapped people), waste oil sumps, and washbasins. A refuelling station is accessible to 40 metre long boats. Lave and l'Estaque are the two closest harbours to the Port West of Marseille.

  • Port Ouest Marseille Marseille France

  • VHF
  • 8h-12h, 14h-19h

  • 500
  • 35 m
  • 4,50 m

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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