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Port Leucate

Leucate harbour

Leucate harbour was awarded by the European  Blue Flag, and is part of the Clean Ports of Languedoc-Roussillon initiative. There are green areas, palm trees, pedestrian drives, cycle lanes, the sea front, ponds, and so on. Leucate harbour is a lovely and green port of call, located at the heart of a protected natural environment. This marina is classed one of the largest Mediterranean harbours in Europe, which does not prevent it from reserving a convivial reception in pleasant and relaxing surroundings.

This marina is well-sheltered from the strong winds of the region, and can welcome up to 1,100 boats. The berths are divided into 3 basins, and a marina that is located in a naturist club. The harbour area also has a dry dock with an ashore capacity of 350 boats. The technical area is equipped with hoists, a repair and maintenance workshop, shipchandlers, and a victualling station. Amateur yachtsmen are provided with an access to drinkable wateer, electricity, bathrooms, a recycling centre, and selective sorting containers.

Leucate harbour appeals to amateur yachtsmen, who can enjoy the amazing site of the Narbonnaise Regional Nature Reserve which is adjoining the harbour, while savouring the local gastronomy, oysters, shellfish, and fresh fish that we can buy on the fishermen's dock as soon as boats arrive.

Amateur yachtsmen are offered many water and sport activities such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, and windsurfing. This harbour is also an ideal starting point to call at the Mediterranean Sea or near the Spanish, Corsican, and Italian coasts.

  • Zone technique 11370 Port Leucate France

  • VHF 9
  • saison 8h-20h, hors saison 8h30-12h, 14h-17h30

  • 1200
  • 25 m
  • 3,00 m

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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