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Porto-Vecchio harbour

Charming, dynamic, modern and ecological, this is how Porto-Vecchio marina could be described. This harbour, which was built in 1969, is one of the 4 or 5 best equipped French harbours, an asset that appeals to many amateur yachtsmen. With 30,000 admissions a year, its infrastructures are too small, and are not able to meet the high demand from amateur yachtsmen, especially in summertime. An expansion and modernisation of the harbour is planned for 2014.

When it was created in 1969, this port had 450 berths. This number decreased as boats size got bigger. There are now 380 berths, 150 of which are meant for passing through amateur yachtsmen. Boats can moor at dock, at buoys and at anchor gears. Depth is 4.5 metres in the outer-harbour, and 1 to 4 metres in the basins.

Practical services are provided to amateur yachtsmen, such as fresh water, electricity (220 V/16 A, on pontoons E and F 63 A, and 63 A/125 A on the Quai d’Honneur), bathrooms with an access for handicapped people, telephone, a Wi-Fi access, a lauderette, a lifting dock, a 20 metric ton crane, a dry dock, and a refuelling station open on demand out of season.

One day touristic sea outings are planned, and include visiting the Cerbicale islands. Amateur yachtsmen can enjoy nice and enriching calls at nearby harbours, such as Bonifacio harbour, and visit places such as the nature reserve of Tre Padule in Suartone.

  • La Marine 20137 Porto-Vecchio France

  • VHF 9
  • 8h-21h

  • 380
  • 50 m
  • NC

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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