Port de la Pointe Rouge - Marseille

Port de la Pointe Rouge Marseille

Port de la Pointe Rouge - Marseille Description :

The marina of La Pointe Rouge

La Pointe Rouge harbour is a nice call at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, in Marseille harbour, and that amateur yachtsmen appreciate very much. It is close to the Italian coasts, the Isle of Beauty and many nearby harbours, such as La Ciotat, Cassis, and Martigues, and is therefore a central place from which to discover the region. In order to be even more comfortable and safe for amateur yachtsmen, the town has a few projects of extension and upgrading of the harbour area.

La Pointe Rouge has 1,200 berths, 30 of which are for visitors, and 650 additional berths in dry dock. This harbour welcomes boats measuring less than 15 metres, and a few berths near the entrance are reserved to 30 metre long boats. Boats can moor at anchor gears, and the depth is from 3 to 7 metres. It is open all year long, day and night. The only rawback is that it can be of difficult access when the mistral is strong.

The services offered in this harbour are numerous, and include an access to fresh water, electricity, bathrooms, a 30 metric ton hoist, two 1.5 metric ton cranes, waste oil sumps, and a refuelling station (open round the clock for credit cards). The boat owners who are lucky enough to have a berth in this harbour also have practical advantages, among which 350 parking spaces, shops, and restaurants. The harbour master's office is on Joseph-Vidal square and is open all year round from 7 am to 6 pm, during some periods.

The harbour atmosphere is convivial and entertaining, with its beaches, creeks, and many water activities.

  • Place Joseph-Vidal 13008 Marseille France

  • VHF 9
  • du 1/09 au 30/06, 9h-17h; du 1/07 au 31/08, 8h-19h

  • 1480
  • 15
  • NC

Pendille : NC

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