Port de la Ciotat - La Ciotat

Port de la Ciotat La Ciotat

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La Ciotat harbour

La Ciotat is a harbour nested in a small green paradise with a sweet smell of scrubland, that amateur yachtsmen appreciate very much. Its main priorities are focused on the reception quality and on the respect of the environment. The marina of La Ciotat reached its goals: it is a laureate of the Blue Flag and is Afnor certified in Clean Ports environmental management for harbours. This harbour area is composed of two separate basins, Bérouard and Capucins, and is well-downwind thanks to the splendid Ile Verte which forms a natural sea wall.

This harbour has a large capacity, with its 875 berths at dock, 20 of which are meant for passing through boats, that are less than 14 metre long. It can be accessed all year long, and wathever the weather thanks to the Ile Verte which acts as a natural defence against strong winds. The depth of the outer jetties, of the outer harbour and of the basins is 3.5 metres. Amateur yachtsmen are welcomed in the Bérouard basin.

The services offered there include freshwater, at dock and at pontoon electricity (220V/10A), bathrooms, washbasins, pay phones, and a Wi-Fi access. The harbour also has more technical equipment, such as a 10 metric ton crane, a 35 metric ton traelift, and waste and oil selective sorting containers. A machine-operated refuelling station is also accessible round the clock.

La Ciotat harbour is a very interesting place, from which you can discover its magnificent region, creeks and beaches, and call in at the many nearby harbours, among which Cassis, Bandol, and  Sanary-sur-mer harbours.

  • Bd Anatole-France 13600 La Ciotat France

  • VHF 9
  • saison 8h-20h; hors saison 8h-12h, 14h-17h30

  • 875
  • NC
  • NC

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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