Port de l'Ile Rousse - L'Ile Rousse

Port de l'Ile Rousse L'Ile Rousse

Port de l'Ile Rousse - L'Ile Rousse Description :

L'Ile Rousse harbour

L'Ile Rousse ranks third among the harbours of Corsica, and has a dynamic and appealing activity in terms of touristic frequenting as well as goods transportation. The marina of l'Ile Rousse, or L'Ìsula as it is called in the Corsican dialect, is located in Balagne, in Upper Corsica, and is protected by the Pietra island in the North, and by the Sicota island in the South. 

This harbour has 250 berths, with 86 rings meant for passing through boats. The harbour area is composed of a 88 metre long dock, two jetties: one is 76 metre long, and the other one 40. This harbour is linked to Europe by shipping companies (SNCM, CMN, and Corsica Ferries), which link Corsica to Marseille, Toulon and Nice harbours in France, as well as to Savone harbour  in Italy.

Amateur yachtsmen are provided standard services such as freshwater (please bring your own shut off nozzle), at dock (220 V/16-20 A) and at pontoon (220 V/16-30 A) electricity, bathrooms, a phone access, waste-oil sumps and waste collectors. This harbour is also equipped with a refuelling station, and with a 12, metric ton crane, which helps putting boats on slip in the wintering period.

L'Ile Rousse harbour offers a wide range of fun and sports activities, with the boat club, the sailing school and the diving centre. This harbour area is the perfect place to make a nice call, discover a region in which life is good, refuel and get supplies.

  • Route du port 20220 L'Ile Rousse France

  • VHF 9
  • 7h-22h, hors saison 7h-18h

  • 250
  • 100 m
  • NC

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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