Port de Girolata - Ghjirulatu - Orsani

Port de Girolata - Ghjirulatu Orsani

Port de Girolata - Ghjirulatu - Orsani Description :

Girolata marina

Girolata is a typical marina built according to Corsican values, nested in a natural and preserved shelter. The Girolata village is located in one of the most beautiful bays of the world, and is classed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This small and lovely marina can be accessed from April to October, and has more than 70 secured berths that are reserved to passing through visitors. This is the perfect port of call to visit the beautiful and well-known Scandola Nature Reserve.

This harbour has 40 rings for boats measuring up to 12 metres, and 33 berths for boats which are 12 to 20 metre long. The maximum draught is 3 metres, and 2 metres at the pontoons.

Girolata marina, also called Ghjirulatu in the Corsican dialect, offers a heavenly and astonishing panorama. The harbour is delimited in the South by the Monte Seninu, the highest marine cape of Europe, and by the emblematic Scandola Nature Reserve in the North. The nearby harbours and towns are Calvi at a 30 mile distance in the North, and Porto (8 miles) and Ajaccio (43 miles) in the South.

Amateur yachtsmen are reserved a convivial reception, by a team composed of 10 agents in charge of informing them and helping them with the manoeuvres. Three professional divers are ready to step in in case there is a technical problem, and ensure that mooring is properly done. Standard at dock services are available: water, electricity, bathrooms, phones, etc. However, please note that the harbour does not have any refuelling station, and that the closest ones are in Porto, Calvi or in Cargese harbour.

  • Girolata 20147 Orsani France

  • VHF 9
  • saison 9h-17h

  • 73
  • 20 m
  • NC

Pendille : NC

  • NC

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