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Corbières harbour

The marina of Corbières is a dry port, nested to the North of Marseille harbour. Apart from welcoming pleasure boats, this rather particular harbour has an infrastructure which is adapted to parking boats outside sailing periods. This wintering and dry port has 250 berths to put all kinds of boats, including motorboats on racks, in a dry dock. Located to the North West of l'Estaque harbour, Corbières harbour can be accessed through the Lave channel.

There are 320 berths in Corbières harbour, 20 of which are meant to welcome passing through amateur yachtsmen. It is well-sheltered from strong winds from the North, the West, and the North-West. Boats can moor at pontoons, with a draught of 5 metres maximum. We will highlight that Corbières harbour is essentially known as a wintering and dry port. This harbour area is close to many harbours, some of which are large, such as Marseille harbour and l'Estanque harbour, which have a large number of berths to welcome pleasure boats.

The services offered are an access to freshwater, at dock (220 V/16-135 A) and at pontoon (380 V/63 A) electricity, bathrooms (10 toilets and 10 showers), Wi-Fi, and a machine-operated refuelling station accessible 24 hours a day. This area also include more technical equipment and hoists specially adapted to a dry dock, such as a 80 metric ton travelift, and a 20 metric ton crane.

  • Quai de la lave, L'Estaque 13016 Marseille France

  • VHF
  • lundi au samedi 8h-18h

  • 300
  • 55
  • 5,00 m


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