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Port de Cannes Marina Mandelieu

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Port de Cannes marina

Port de Cannes is a very particular marina, because it is a jointly owned private harbor, but also due to its inland location. This is a very good location, in the East of Mandelieu la Napoule Port, in the French department of Alpes Maritimes, near Cannes and the Île Sainte Marguerite.

In order to get there, you have to enter the La Siagne river mouth, which can be easily found thanks to the Royal Casino – a big white building –  on the left. Port the Cannes is half a nautical mile upstream, and the entry is open day and night, with a 3-knots speed limit. 

Port de Cannes can welcome up to 1,769 boats. Six-to-twelve-meter-long motor boats can moor at Port Quai, or at fixed pontoons with anchor blocks and anchor gears ; the average draft is 1.50 m. In order to buy a berth in the marina, you need to  enquire at the different agencies or directly to the owners who put an ad on our website. It is also possible to rent a berth all year round. Amateur yachtsmen have to present the harbor master's office the ships-and-insurance papers.

This is a very pleasant and downwind marina, which offers amateur yachtsmen numerous services. The harbor master's office provides you with daily weather information, and offers a wide range of practical services, such as freshwater, electricity, bathrooms, pay phones, internet access, a boat launch area, and a waste-oil sump.

  • 150, allée Calypso 06210 Mandelieu France

  • VHF
  • saison 8h30-12h/14-19h, WE et jours fériés: 9h-12h/15h-19h, hors saison 8h-12h/14h-17h30 lundi au vend.

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