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Martigues harbour

The maritime city of Martigues gathers no less than 9 marinas in a sunny climate, with a light mistral. This harbour set has a capacity of more than 3,000 berths. Between the Mediterranean sea and the Pond of Berre, Martigues is an excellence marina, known for its warm welcome despite it may seem disproportionate.        

7 afloat harbours out of the 9 marinas are in the Ferrières, l'Ile and Jonquières districts are on the littoral of the towns Carro, Tamaris, Laurons, with more than 1,600 berths. Carro harbour is traditionally a fishing harbour, with more than 220 berths, 15 of which are meant for passing through amateur yachtsmen who can enjoy the fish market, with the day's products.

Maritima harbour alone, located on the Caronte channel, has more than 1,000 berths, and can welcomee 16 metric ton boats.

The lastest and new harbour of Terra is also implemented on Caronte. This dry harbour welcomes 200 motorboats on up to 7.5m/3 metric ton racks, and 100 boats on trailers.

These marinas are managed by the harbour master's office based in Maritima harbour. The services which are available to amateur yachtsmen are standard, such as an access to water, electricity, bathrooms, etc. The region charms all of the amateur yachtsmen who discover the coastline, its creeks, beaches, and rocky inlets, and the Pond of Berre. The leisure, sports and fun activities are not short to entertain the sailors who call in at this harbour, and tourists.

  • Rue Frédéric-Sauvage 13500 Martigues France

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  • saison 8h30-12h, 14h-19h, hors saison 9h-12h, 14h-17h30

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