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Lavandou harbour

Nested in the Massif des Maures, Lavandou harbour achieved the 2013 Blue Flag label certification for harbours, and the Clean Ports European certification. Located in the depth of Bormes harbour,  this marina offers an amazing view of the Ile du Levant. This harbour area is composed of the old historic harbour and of the new harbour, which has modern structures and was completed in 1983.

Sheltered from the Mistral and from the strong winds coming from the West, Lavandou harbour is ideally situated, 7 nautical miles away from Port-Cros, between Cap Bénat and Cap Negre. The Mediterranean, warm and welcoming climate which reigns there appeals to many amateur yachtsmen all year round. It has a large capacity of 1,060 berths, divided up in 3 basins. 100 berths are dedicated to passing through amateur yachtsmen. The outer-harbour draught is 10 metres, and up to 9 metres in the basin, with a depth of only 2.50 metres in the old harbour.

As part of the Clean Ports Operation in Lavandou harbour, waste and detritus have been removed by professional divers. The protection and the preservation of the environment are among the harbour priorities. Amateur yachtsmen have access to fresh water, 220V and 380-60AV electricity, bathrooms, a launderette, and Wi-Fi. More technical equipments are also offered: a dry dock with a 30 metric ton mobile crane, a 50 metric ton hoist, a slipway, and a 24/7 refuelling station in which credit cards are accepted. A videosurveillance and watching system protects people as well as property.


  • Quai d'honneur 83980 Le Lavandou France

  • VHF 9
  • saison: 7h30-20h30, hors saison 8h-12h, 14h-18h

  • 1060
  • 36 m
  • 9,00 m

Pendille : BABORD

  • Yes

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