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Location Combarro Marina is located in the northern shore of the Ría of Pontevedra, in Galicia, the Spanish North Western region. Combarro is a historical fishing village visited yearly by thousands of people to enjoy its traditional architecture beside the sea. Combarro Marina adds a new attractive to this privileged part of the Rias Bajas, a group of big bays characterized by their good climate, with very soft winters and summers of moderate temperatures. The natural protection against the Atlantic waves proportioned by the Rias, the good climate conditions, and the numerous beaches and islands that can be visited nearby makes of this a suitable place to the recreational navigation. Berths The basin, with 36.203 square meters of water area, is protected against the West storms by the fishing harbour breakwater. For the protection against South East wind generated waves, a 4 meters wide reinforced concrete floating breakwater has been built. The depths inside the berthing area range from 2.5 meters to 5 meters, achieved thanks to a previous dredging. The 328 berths for recreational boats from 6 m to 20 m long are distributed in four floating pontoon lines 3 meters wide, and in the leeward side of the floating breakwater. All the berths are provided with finger and water / electricity bollards. The access to the berths is controlled through a single entrance that leads to the main floating pontoon 4 meters wide
  • Puerto de Combarro s/n 36993 Combarro. Poio. 36993 Combarro Spain

  • VHF 9
  • 10h-14h y 16h-20h

  • NC
  • 50 m
  • NC

Pendille : NC

  • Yes

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