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The Club Nautico Moraira is a sports association and private non-profit organization , managed by a Committee whose positions are honorary and its main purpose is the promotion and development of water sports, performing numerous regattas , fishing trophies , underwater activities , and other social events. This Club is composed of members, limited in number since 1988 , this restriction will be maintained due to the limited space available and the will of the social mass .
The Members who built the port with private funds and acquired the moorings are managing their assets through agreements taken in the General meetings, including managing the fuel station , the boat yard and service area as well as managing their own commercials that are rented. The Club Nautico Moraira is managed by using equity and does not have any kind of obligation with banks or credit entity and is free of mortgages. The Club Nautico is in charge as well of the common pool of moorings, one of the important facts about this activity, is when the moorings are not in use by the owners they can be rented to other members which have priority or rented to regular visitors depending on the availability . It should be mentioned that the number of Members is higher than the number of moorings built so that there is a deficit of moorings for the Members themselves.
The club provides temporary moorings for visitors whose availability depends on the demand of the Members or other conditions as the carrying out of works of maintenance, celebration of sporting events etc., so Yacht Club rules were established to protect the necessities and the rights of the Members, rules for visitors as the inability of right to reserve moorings , the advance payment of the rental and the obligation to have the boat registration documents and the insurance in order, those are common rules in regards to port authorities, customs controls and fiscal police requirements.
So we recommend customers who regularly make use of the club facilities to consider the acquisition of a full membership and moorings in order to ensure the availability of space for their boats and get the benefits of full memberships as parking and exclusive rates on services and mooring rental and be full participants in this prestigious Yacht Club.

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