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Buying a jet ski or a rigid-hulled inflatable boat
If you like thrills or family jaunts on the Mediterranean Sea, you can think of buying a jet ski or a rigid-hulled inflatable boat, or even a dinghy for your boat. Choosing the boat category you need with a competent professional, according to your desires and habits, will give you new and regularly maintained equipment. The owner will also advise you for you to sail serenely and safely, whatever your experience.

Different sea outings
Buying a jet ski or a rigid-hulled inflatable boat gives you the opportunity to have unforgettable and different sea experiences. This equipment can be appended to your boat, and will follow you in all your trips.

These engine machines slip right through the places your boat cannot go to, to reach inaccessible and often magnificent sites. Whether you wish to discover a creek, to fish, to go scuba diving, or to cruise along the coasts, they give technical and comfort performances, that give you thrills, and a feeling of freedom and of well-being at the same time.

With this purchase, you will enjoy the joys of yachting and boating unrestrainedly and in complete safety.


How to choose your jet ski or rigid-hulled inflatable boat?
What are the criteria you should take into account before purchasing a dinghy, a rigid-hulled inflatable boat with an outboard, a pump-jet, an inflatable boat, or a jet ski?

At the time of choosing, determine the number of people (adults, children), time of use (hours, weekends, weeks, etc.), important details (locker, seating capacity, sunbathing, etc.), and in particular what you want to do.

A few models are particularly high-performance, with mindblowing speed and accelerations. Others are more roomy and comfortable to welcome a family; they have many storage spaces to carry your equipment and luggage. 

New products combine essential characteristics, such as both powerful and low-energy engines, a perfect stability whatever the speed, a practical layout, the whole range of a design and aesthetic line.