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Leopard 23 - 2003 (EDEN ERINA)

Leopard 23 builded in 2003 and a length of 75ft46

Catégorie : Motor boat - open

Dealer : Ocean Drive

Prix : 550 000 €. NC

Location : Port Camille Rayon France France

Leopard 27 - 1999

Leopard 27 builded in 1999 and a length of 88ft58

Catégorie : Motor boat - open

Dealer : Riginos Yachts

Prix : 1 200 000 €. VAT paid

Location : Greece Greece

1 x Master Cabin 1 x VIP Cabin 1 x Guest Cabin 3 x Bathrooms 2 x Crew -...

Leopard 31M - 2006 (RG512)

Leopard 31M builded in 2006 and a length of 100ft6

Catégorie : Motor boat - open

Dealer : Infinite Yachts

Prix : 2 900 000 €. VAT not paid

Location : Port Mandelieu La Napoule France France

Think of the marine surveyor

The different ads allow you to buy the boat of your dreams: sailing boats, bare boats, open motor boats, flybridges, yachts, etc.

You can also make your decision depending on the manufacturer. If you fall in love with a boat, do not content yourself with the ad description, nor with a conversation with the seller; do contact a marine surveyor. This is the person who must assess the actual condition of the boat.

What unit to choose ?

The ad gives several indications such as the draught and the length, which allows you to choose the size depending on your mooring.

By extension, what is your favourite sailing program? A boat for short cruises will be different from one that is meant for coastal sailing or fishing. If you define this sailing program, you will buy the right unit, and the right boat category: with a engine, a sail, etc.

Where to moor ?

Unless you cannot move your boat, or you have a berth abroad and you only rent a temporary ring in a marina, looking for a berth in advance is preferable. Waiting lists may be long, and the other options that sellers will certainly offer you will only be alternative.

If your boat is to be delivered to your berth, do think about delivery costs and matting for a sailing boat.