Why to put an ad to sell your boat?

Post your ad in 4 clicks

There are many reasons why you want to sell a boat? Placing an ad on our specialised website means giving amateur yachtsmen the opportunity to see that your boat is available for purchase in a few minutes. Please also note that if you share your boat location, a private individual wishing to purchase near his own situation will not hesitate to contact you.

The ads for boat purchase are of unlimited duration, until the sale is closed. You can even attach as many pictures as you like. Besides, there is an iPhone / iPad app for our small ad website. This app was downloaded many times by potential buyers. This means your ad will be visible on mobile phones and on tablets without any additional cost.

The formula is simple, and depends on what you are selling :

Our classified ads’ website does not take any commission from sales. You only pay your ad, at a very affordable price. If you want to sell your berth along with the boat, you can specify it in the descriptive of the ad you place to sell the boat. For a maximum visibility, we recommend you to place a second ad in the berth section.

Indeed, many people wish to buy a boat, and know how difficult it is to find a berth for their future purchase. Many buyers therefore prefer dealing with a seller that offers them both in order not to wait on never-ending lists anymore.