Where purchase a berth ?

82ft2 Porto Mirabello

This mooring is appendant to the marina of La Spezia, located in Liguria


L.O.A : 82ft2 - Beam : 22ft97

Prix : 675 000 €

Location : Italy / Liguria / LA SPEZIA

27m berth for sale with car park near the berth in this beautiful and young...

72ft18 Portosole

This location is appendant In the port of San Remo, located in Liguria


L.O.A : 72ft18 - Beam : 18ft37

Prix : 220 000 €

Location : Italy / Liguria / IMPERIA

49ft21 Portosole

This location is appendant In the port of San Remo, located in Liguria


L.O.A : 49ft21 - Beam : 18ft4

Prix : 110 000 €

Location : Italy / /

Finding a berth is difficult

Given that amateur yachtsmen are more and more and that the number of boat purchases increases every year, finding a berth does not get easier. Marinas generally have waiting lists, but we choose to help you in finding your berth by posting updated ads. Our classified advertisements website does not take any commission from sales nor any other. Only advertisers are the only one who pay to publish an ad.

Leasing out before everything

Purchasing a berth does not mean you become this berth’s owner. It gives you the right of use for the duration stipulated in the contract, excluding for river harbours. For instance, French law states the Government is the inalienable owner. In order to be legal, any ad therefore has to specify the leasing terms.

Be careful with what you sign

The harbour master's office cannot renew the contract while a berth is being rented. This is why reading the leasing / renting contract carefully is advised. This is not an annual rental contract. Reading the contract is recommended all the more so as you are looking for a mooring berth that you will use or rent yourself.

Opportunities can makes the difference

Waiting list to moor your boat can make you wait from 5 to 10 years. On our classified ads’ website, harbour master's offices, brokers, and the current owners of the berths can offer a berth before it’s vacated. This sometimes allows people to negociate and to let opportunities can make the difference.

Beyond the berth, the services

All of the marinas do not provide the same services, and some harbours also have labels. It is sometimes possible to have a parking in front of your boat, nearby shops, beaches, activities, etc. These particularities are also worth considering.