Sea Pro Show - 02-04-2014 / 03-04-2014

Sea Pro Show

Presentation of Boat Show :

Sea Pro Show

Montpellier Events is launching the 1st edition of the Sea Pro Show on 2nd and 3rd April 2014 at the Montpellier Exhibition Centre. This event is dedicated to professionals working in nautical activities in coastal areas: ports (marinas, lagoons, rivers), sports and leisure, fishing and mariculture.

This professional event has a triple objective:
- Serve economic development in coastal zones (ports – nautical, sporting and tourism activities – fishing and shellfish farming),

- Promote business development between European suppliers and coastline professionals based on the Mediterranean,

- Increase international and national visibility of this industry

The event is based on 3 themes:

- Ports (marinas, river ports, lagoon ports): services and equipment for ports,

- Coastline leisure: products and services for sailing / power boating, leisure fishing, equipment for public beaches, sports and tourism facilities and equipment: diving, board sports...

- Mariculture, fishing, sustainable development: equipment, products and services for fishing and shellfish production, coastline preservation and risk management.

The Sea Pro Show represents a federating event for professionals throughout the sector. The event is supported by the French Sailing Association (FFV), the Regional Fishing Association, the National Mariculture Association (CNC), the French Marinas Association (FFPP) and the French Maritime Business Cluster (CMF).

Sea Pro Show